Where the Wood of Life Exhibition and Workshops fits in to the curriculum 



This particular project identifies and endeavours to bridge a serious gap in the formal education sector where practical, hands-on education resources with a development education perspective on environmental sustainability and human development leading to poverty eradication is urgently needed if Ireland is to meet its global responsibilities.

Dr. Colm Regan

Founder, 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World

At Primary/Junior Cycle level, the Wood of Life addresses objectives in:

  • Natural and Human Environments’ strands in the Geography curriculum
  • ‘Living Things’ strand in the Science curriculum
  • ‘Environmental Awareness and Care’ strand in Science and Geography
  • ‘Materials Technology’ (WOOD)

At Senior Cycle/Leaving Certificate, the Wood of Life address objectives in: 

  • Applied Science Groups – Architectural Technology, Agricultural Science
  • Social Studies Group – Art, Geography, History, Music, Religious Education
  • Business Studies Group – Economics, Business
  • Science Group – Biology
  • Transition Year (TY), Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) and Leaving Cert
  • Vocational Programme (LCVP)

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Some pictures of (2016) Compass Club activities and Wood of Life workshops for your information

Killarney National Park: 

See photos here of children in the Killarney area in action during a recent (2016) workshop in Killarney National Park 

Castleisland Community School: 

See pictures here of children interacting with the Wood of Life exhibition in Castleisland Community School 

St. Oliver’s National School, Ballycasheen:

See pictures here of children interacting with the Wood of Life exhibition in st. Oliver’s National School, Ballycasheen, Killarney